We like to see ourselves as much more than a tour company. We like to see ourselves as the Tinder of the travel world; a matchmaker of new, lifelong friendships. We put like-minded people together in amazing places and make it easy to forge bonds that will last forever.

At Tribal Trips, we strive to provide our travelers with unforgettable experiences that they will cherish forever. Our mission is to offer stress-free travel, unique insights into local culture, and unbeatable value in all the destinations we explore.

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Creating lifelong friendships through unforgettable journeys

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There’s Chad, the bar owner in Koh Lanta, always with a Sangsom rum in hand. There’s Amir, the surf pro in south Lombok ripping up the waves. There’s Deli, our forever-smiling Balinese taxi driver. And there are a million more locals that you’ll get to meet on our journeys. You see, travel is not just about discovering new destinations but also about encountering incredible characters. We’ve spent a long time crafting great relationships with people on the ground. People who can offer a real, raw, authentic insight into the places you’ll be going.


Family’s gotta’ stay in touch, right? Right! Our Facebook group is for like-minded individuals to share incredible stories and plan exciting adventures together.. Be sure to join. No matter if you’re thinking of booking a tour, have booked a tour, or have been on a tour in the past, it’s an open travel community for everyone.


Don’t know where to start? Try dropping a message with your name and where you’re travelling. Before you know it, you’ll be clinking Bintangs on Batu Bolong beach with all-new BFFs.


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